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Manufactured under U.S. Patent # 6,820,887

The Trailer Toad carries 100% of the tongue weight
No other hitch can do what Trailer Toad does!

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By checking into our website I would guess you have questions about the most unique trailer hitch on the market today.... or you are looking for a solution to your trailer towing issues.

If I am correct on one of those assumptions, I think you will find we have a solution for most of you.

We have two models of Trailer Toads.

You can choose which model you want look at on the left column tabs.

Tow a regular enclosed or open trailer with gross loaded weight below 14,000-lbs? Look at the 3500HD.

Thinking of getting a two or three-car stacker trailer?

Does your current trailer have three axles or weigh over 14,000-lbs?

If so, you will be money ahead to look at the 5000SD. 


Trailer Toads are built by our fabrication company, NIC Fabrication.
Check out the new website for some of the "new products" coming out of

Special Announcement!
We can you save money on trailer tires. Before you head out this Spring on 5 year-old tires, inspect them for cracking. A trailer tire seems to have a rather short life. Over three years old, even with good tread the failure rate skyrockets 

Two 5000SDs attached to the Army trailers
3000-lbs tongue weight, no need for tongue jack.


 Motor home towing issues:

     The most common problem with towing with motor home is the overhang in the rear and they simply were not designed to carry the tongue weight of larger, heavier trailers.

     The Trailer Toad will carry that tongue weight with none of the trailer tongue weight being transferred to the motor home. All you will have to do is pull the trailer and of course, stop the trailer.

     The other benefits of using a Trailer Toad behind your motor home are these:

1. Protects the chassis from being over-stressed, 

2. Prevents overloading the rear suspension and tires,

3. Prevents stress damage to the floor and sidewalls,

4. It will prevent slide-outs from becoming out of alignment. 

Email us at

Call us or TEXT us at (319) 404-7001

You will talk to the company owner, get the answers you need.

Residential or delivery requiring a liftgate on truck subject to additional fees.

3500HD or the 5000SD (Super Duty)

These are the "right" trailer hitch for motor homes and pickup campers.

*Click on the model name on left side of this screen for details.

5000SD, notice the huge steering spindle
If you have a stacker, we designed this for you.

RV Magazine tech editor ran a Trailer Toad through a tough "road test", read what his thoughts were in this article. Just click on the link below and you will go to RV Magazine.

RV Magazine gives the Trailer Toad a true Road Test. Click this link to read what they thought.

2012 Trailer Toad 3500HD
Road-tested and ready to go to work.

The Trailer Toad will protect your coach, make your towing experience better and enhance your safety! 
Designed to protect both new or used motor homes and tow vehicles from damages caused by towing trailers with tongue weights of 750 to 3,500 pounds. Slides into your exisiting 2" receiver. Will work with Tow Beast and Titan Receivers as well."


You guessed right, we like our drag racing. This is one of the Team Trailer Toad cars in action.

Trailer Toad LLC * PO Box 448 -729 Main St * Janesville * IA* 50647
 Phone: (319) 404-7001 email:

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