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Stabilizer Bar Kit is now standard on all new 5000SD Trailer Toads.

Optional on the 3500HD 

It is an upgrade to the entire Trailer Toad package we feel adds another layer of protection for your equipment and additional stability. 

Effective 2019: All Stabilizer Bar Kits are now 3/4" rather than 5/8" hardware and tubing. Extra strength and this "bigger kit" will fit earlier model Toads. 

This is the new attachment system, much stronger.
New Toads use a special rod end and eliminate the bracket.
Stabilizer Bar attached to Toad and hitch

**Stabilizer Bar Kits now come with every new Trailer Toad 5000SD.

                                                    $129.00 option with new 3500HD order.
                                              $219.00 if ordered separately. 
1. Eliminate the "slop" between the draw bar and the receiver tube.
2. Takes the stress off receiver tube opening when backing up, this prevents "stretching out the receiver tube opening".
These are common problems and we have a great way to fix it.
 The reason we have decided to include front Stabilizer Bars is because there is a tremendous side load on the drawbar and receiver tube when backing up and turning tight corners. The Stabilizer Bars help spread that load out and can prevent bending or breaking the draw bar or splitting the receiver tube.
We are offering a "Stabilizer Bar" kit to help reduce the "looseness" and "wandering" of the front of the trailer when the draw bar is loose in the receiver hitch tube.
"Do you have this problem?
Here is a quick way to find out:
Unhook the trailer and pull ahead a foot or so. Grab the back of the Trailer Toad (it took me and my son) and see if you can slide it sideways. If it moves more than an inch, it means your draw bar is not a tight fit in the hitch receiver tube. I would consider the "stabilizer bar kit" if you have an older Toad.
If you want some help deciding on how to get your Trailer Toad equipped with Stabilizer Bars just call or email me and we can work it out.
We have Stabilizer Bar kits available right now. All we need is a measurement from the mounting hole on your Trailer Toad 3500HD to the main tube on your tow vehicle hitch.
It seems that every coach or hitch is a bit different and mounting the Stabilizer Bar brackets can be a challenge. I just installed a new set on my motor home.
The pictures below show that we had to do a little "backyard fabrication" and I wanted to keep the "Ultra-Guard" rock deflector so we drilled a 3" hole in it for the stabilizer bars to pass through. 

3" hole in rock guard to access hitch tube.
A little measuring and patience will help.
We had to add some tubing to keep bars level
It took about an hour, but it is very strong.

In the picture above you can see a couple important things: The stabilizer bars should be kept as level as possible and to accomplish this you might have to do some simple fabrication. We simply took a couple pieces of 2x2 square steel tubing and stacked them to accomplish getting the stabilizer bars level. We also installed a brace at 45-degrees to keep tubes from rolling, picture didn;t turn out (sorry). Some simple welding and we have a very durable stabilizer bar mount.


This is the new Stabilizer Bar Kit.

Stabilizer Bar Kit Instructions.

You have opened the Stabilizer Bar Kit box and are asking yourself:

"Where are the stabilizer bars?"

The answer is: Almost every motor home needs a different length so we need a "measurement" before we can send them to you. There is no additional cost for shipping or the bars.

1.      The Trailer Toad must have the drawbar (L-shaped shank) attached to the front of the Toad (no need to tighten the bolts yet, as this is for a "measurement only".

2.      Once it is slid into the receiver, put the pin in to make sure the Trailer Toad is in the correct spot in relationship to the hitch.

3.      Take the two "U-shaped" brackets out of the box and find a place on the receiver hitch main support tube where you can weld the brackets on. The brackets need to be mounted at least 2" wider than the frame of the Toad. That means they will be about 25" to 30” apart.

4.      Hold the bracket in place and measure from the center of the hole on the bracket to the center of the 5/8" hole on the outer front panel of the Toad where you will mount the stabilizer bars.

Call me with that measurement; I will send the bars out the same day you call.

**We highly recommend you use the Stabilizer Bars every time you tow; they add a lot of support for your drawbar and the opening on your receiver hitch.

In the Stabilizer Bar Kit box- you will have two black rod ends that have a wider body and have 5/8" hole . These go on the Trailer Toad end between the two brackets on the very outer front edge of the Toad. There are two gold colored jam-nuts that go on the 5/8" rod ends and two 5/8" bolts with nyloc-nuts to attach the bars to the Toad.

There will be two black rod ends that have 1/2" hole in them and silver jam-nuts that go on the rod ends (these jam nuts and rod ends have Left Hand threads so you can adjust the stabilizer bar when it is assembled to get it to fit easier) that will be used on the bracket that is attached to the coach's hitch. There will be two 1/2" bolts and nyloc-nuts to attach them with. *Customer can supply their own 1/2" washers for spacers between 1/2" rod end and bracket or tighten bracket down against the rod end.

Once the bars arrive you simply put the jam nuts on the rod ends, spray the threads with some WD40 or lithium grease and thread them into the stabilizer bars. *Remember the smaller black rod ends have Left Hand threads. Once the bars are assembled you can change the length by securing both rod ends and turning the bar. It will take a few times to get used to it but in the end, try to have the same amount of threads showing on both rod ends when you have the correct length; it will make the bar and rod ends more stable that way.

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