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2015 "RACER REWARD" Rules:

Please read the simple rules that can earn you CASH!! 

We want to pay you for winning and being a Trailer Toad customer.

2015- "RACER REWARDS" are an "in-house program".  

Trailer Toad is excited about offering our racing customers the opportunity to collect some "RACER REWARD" Money by winning events and being a Trailer Toad customer.
Here are the rules to qualify for Trailer Toad "RACER REWARDS":

    1. You must fill out the Contact Information form at the bottom of this page and "submit" it to us. It will get you your money much faster as you will be "Pre-Approved" to receive the payment.
   2. You must have purchased a new Trailer Toad (either a 3500HD or a 5000SD) in 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 It must have been purchased new, from or through a Dealer. Send a copy of your receipt or the Serial Number off the Toad to Register. The reason for this is we started making them in our own shop and brought the 3500HD and 5000SD models into production. Those are the ONLY models we are posting Racer Rewards for.
3. You must display the decal on both sides of the race car. decals are available, email us and we will send them out if you are a customer of ours.

Trailer Toad will pay for winning at the following events:

        NHRA Lucas Oil Divisional Races:  $50.00 to win.

        IHRA Pro-Am Divisional Races:     $50.00 to win.

        NHRA or IHRA National Events:    $100.00 to win.

        Bracket Races*: $50.00 to win; Bracket race must pay at least $5000.00 to win to qualify for 'RACER REWARDS" payout.

        ***Here is the IMPORTANT PART to getting paid***

 1. You must be able to verify the win.

 2. Where the win occurred and email us a photo of the car; showing the decals.

**No exceptions to sending the photo with decals visible on the vehicle.

No Decals- No Photo-No Pay-NO EXCEPTIONS! It's easy to verify your win, take a few minutes to do it.

Several racers did not have decals on the car when they won, they lost out on out payment. We pay when the decals make more people aware of the Trailer Toad, that is how contingency awards work. 

Registration Form at bottom of this page. If you want paid, fill it out and submit it to is your responsibility! Good Luck in 2015.

The "original' Team Trailer Toad dragster at Indy.
John Brimers event winning Camaro.

"Atta Boy"- Racer Rewards Cash winners!

Congratulations to these Trailer Toad customers:

2010-2011 Racer Reward Winners:

Andy Nicholson: 2011 S/Pro track champion Cedar Falls Raceway.

Gred "GD" Fowler. IHRA Hot Rod Champion.

Bob Dennis- NHRA National event winner, June 2010 at Bristol, TN.

Ricky Beahr- Pittsburg Raceway $5000 No-Box winner.

Ricky Beahr- Doubles up at No-Box Nationals in Indy captures two $5000 races in a row.

Ricky Beahr- Super Chevy runner-up in Pro ET. "Hey, Ricky- when does your Driving School get underway???!! Great job!

Keith Mayers, IHRA Hot Rod class, Tournament of Champions Winner at Rockingham, NC.

Larry Stewart, Jr- wins the Jeg's Southern Sports Nationals at Belle Rose, LA.


THANK YOU all for trusting Trailer Toad to help get you to the races!

Trailer Toad dragster in Winner's circle 2010

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