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FINALLY- A Fender Support Kit.

Stop the shaking plastic fenders and add longevity to them.

These aluminum supports are installed on the lower fender attachment studs, put over the top of the fender on the lower mounting studs. 

These have been tested for about a year and do a great job of stopping the vibration of the fenders caused by air turbulence and rough roads.

$28.00 for a pair plus $9.50 for Priority Mail shipping. $37.50 a pair. 

Are you thinking of purchasing a used Trailer Toad?

If so, please call us so we can help you identify the exact model you are buying.

We want to make sure you are getting the Trailer Toad you think you are getting.

If you get a used 3500HD or 5000SD purchased, we are now offering a:

"Technical Support Package"

You will receive personal telephone advice from the company owner, as much as you need, 

during initial setup and follow-up as well as all the printed information a new Trailer Toad customer

receives as well as some photos of current installs via email photographs.

All the help you need for just $49.95. PayPal / credit cards accepted. 


New Products

Tech Help and Ideas.

There is always those who ask "Why would I need a Trailer Toad?"

I have attached a couple pictures that show you EXACTLY WHY you should consider using a Trailer Toad. 


Stay in touch with the latest developments at

New product announcements.
Technical Information and tips.
How to improve the performance of your Trailer Toad.


"Turn Limiting Update"
If you want to update your exisiting Trailer Toad to include our most recent update, it is easy to do.
We are now limiting how far the Trailer Toad can turn or swivel on the vertical hub.
We made this change for a few reasons:
1. Improves safety in the event you totally shred a tire and it grabs the hub. This limits how far the Toad axle will turn.
2. You can back-up WITHOUT having to use the Dual Reverse Pins. We recommend you use them, but now it's a choice.
3. The axle will still pivot, or turn, enough for turning and "yes" the tires may scuff a little more in town or on slow turns.
We feel the longer turn limiter plate will prove to be a solid improvement.
You can upgrade any of the older Trailer Toads by simply welding a 1/2"x2"Wide x6" long on top of the exisiting limiter plate
or if you don't have a welder the plate could be bolted on with two-2"x 1/2" grade 8 bolts.
Place the new plate so that it is 1" from the rear backplate on the Toad. This will limit the turning but also limits how far it can turn in the event of a flat tire.
Call me if you have any questions. 

A little difficult to see the longer plate but.
it should end up about 1" from the rear plate.

Extreme-Duty Stabilizer Shocks.
WIll upgrade all Trailer Toads

Finally, a stronger stabilizer shock for all Trailer Toads.

  • Larger diameter hardened steel shaft.
  • Durable seals built for off-road abuse.
  • Urethane bushings for increased durability.
  • Bolt-on upgrade for existing Trailer Toad.
$178.00 pair 

Ball Mount Extension Plate, mounted on Toad

 "Rear Ball Mount Extension Plate"

An answer for several "problem areas" on certain trailers. Every Trailer Toad installation seems to be a little different.

One issue we have is "some trailers have short tongues or a tool-box mounted on the tongue of the trailer." This makes it tough to make tight corners or back up with the Trailer Toad because the Trailer Toad tires want to hit the trailer tongue, the WD bars or the tool-box.

The "Rear Ball Mount Extension Plates" solves these issues immediately. This new "add-on" moves the trailer ball back 7" and allows for much more clearance for the Trailer Toad tires. It is a bolt-on part and is fabricated from 1" and 3/4" thick steel plates and clamped together with 3/4" bolts and lock-nuts.

The "Rear Ball Mount Extension Plate" complete kit is in stock and ships via USPS Priority Mail for $21.00. Weighing in at about 53 pounds, it is built tough to stand up to the deteriorating highways we all tow on. 





This shows the Front Stabilizer Bar Kit installed

Effective Immediately:  Every 5000SD Trailer Toad will "include" the Stabilizer Bar Kit.

If you are the owner of an older Trailer Toad I recommend the Stabilizer Bar Kit to help protect the receiver hitch opwning and the drawbar from the side stresses and twisting. Call us if you have a question about the Stabilizer Bar Kits for olds Trailer Toads. 




We just completed the installation of two 5000SD Trailer Toads for the U.S. Army.

They were seriously overloading the trucks (3000-lbs of tongue weight!) and now the trucks drive and ride like they should.

The Trailer Toad 5000SDs are carrying the 3000+ lbs of tongue weight and 15,000 lb trailers, none of that goes on the trucks.

U.S. Army trailer leaving our shop with a new Toad
Equalizer 1400-lb WD hitch attached on V-nose



The most common error we see on getting the trailer Toad setup is simply "not following our Setup Instruction Sheet".

To set the Toad up correctly you start with the Trailer Toad and the trailer, no tow vehicle involved yet. Call us and we can make sure your installation goes smoothly. (319) 404-7001. 

Hello again, It has been a busy week and there were a few things I overlooked in the last newsletter that I wanted to go over in this Customer Letter. I will keep it short, explain a few things and remind you to look over a few things. We also are announcing the Axle Upgrade Kit to put 15” tires on your Toad. 
·         Breakaway safety cable: Have you checked the emergency breakaway cable lately? Hook up to the trailer, get ready to move it and simulate the trailer coming unhooked by pulling on the cable until it triggers the breakaway switch. Then try to move the trailer, the brakes should be locked. You can also test it with a 12V test light to make sure it is working. This little watched item can save your trailer and the contents! Make sure it is in working order.
·         Hook it up correctly: Make sure the breakaway cable is extended so it hooks to the motor home frame or receiver hitch. If it only goes to the Trailer Toad what happens if the drawbar (hitch bar) breaks or the pin vibrates loose and the Toad comes loose from the coach? UH-OH is right! That is why it is important to attach the breakaway cable to the motor home or whatever your tow vehicle is.
·         The drawbar (hitch bar) and equalizer hitch: Trailer Toad LLC does not manufacture these items and we cannot warranty them.  If your trailer weighs 10,000 lbs or more there is a lot of side load on the drawbar when you backup into a tight spot and have to turn the trailer at a sharp angle. This stress can cause the drawbar to bend or fail altogether. If the “fit” of the drawbar into your receiver tube is loose (in exces of 1/8" of side or vertical movement the drawbar is absorbing so many impacts going down the road that the drawbar can become damaged. There are few ways to prevent this problem. The drawbar is a critical part, use the best one you can find.
·         Stabilizer Bar Kit:
1.     Install the Stabilizer Bar Kit. This will prevent side loading of the drawbar and they spread the stress out over three points on the hitch.
2.      When backing up, take your time, when tire hits the trailer frame stop backing up, pull ahead and take some angle out of it. You can still back up, we are asking you to use caution and common sense. We know a few customers have damaged tires and drawbars by simply being impatient and jammng the Trailer Toad tires into the Trailer tongue so hard it damaged tires or the drawbar itself. PLEASE BE PATIENT. This probably will not happen on 7000 to 8000 pound trailers but on trailers over 10,000 pounds it could easily happen if the tires are jammed into the trailer tongue and then the motor home is used to jam the trailer sideways and backwards. Use common sense, you are pushing 10,000 to 18,000 pounds backwards with a 2” square piece of cast iron or solid steel…be smart about it. Some of you, a lot more weight than that, for sure. Trailer Toad is a great tool but it can be broken if used beyond its limits.
3.      The Stabilizer Bar Kit is just one way to spread the load away from the drawbar. Stabilizer Bar Kit is now INCLUDED with every new 5000SD Trailer Toad.
4.      Receiver hitch on your tow vehicle: We have had a few guys call that have recently switched to a stacker trailer from a regular tag. Of course, the difference in gross trailer weight is significant. We suggest you take a close look at your receiver hitch and make sure it is braced well enough to hold up under emergency stops. It is NOT going to be the weight on the hitch you have to deal with, it will be the “pushing force” from the trailer trying to shove on the back of the Toad and the tow vehicle. Make sure the center receiver tube has some support to prevent it from “rolling under” and possibly tearing off the side support panels. I have only heard from one customer who had this happen, but one is enough. If we can help prevent it from happening to your tow vehicle, that is nothing but GOOD!

Trailer Toad LLC * PO Box 448 * Janesville * IA* 50647
 Phone: (319) 404-7001 email:

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