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5000 SD
Built to take the punishment of heavy trailer tongue weights.
Stacker trailers, triple-axle tag trailers, vendor trailers.
"Take the load off" your tow vehicle with the 5000SD. 
Designed for RVs that want to tow "stacker trailers" and "long haul towing", the 5000SD has larger wheel bearings, 6,000-lb center steering spindle and 6000-lb rated Dexter axle, with bolt-on replaceable spindles** (new for 2022) that will reduce maintenance intervals.
We built the 5000SD to:
1. Withstand the tongue weights of Stacker Trailers and wear and tear of long roads trips.
2. Provide maximum protection for the motor home, RV or truck camper.
3. Improve stability and control while travelling.
4. Smooth out the ride on today's crumbling highways.

The Trailer Toad 5000SD

If you are backing up on asphalt we still recommend using the Dual Reverse Pins. 

Built to handle the tongue weight.

  • 6000-lb torsion axle. Same wheel bearings as 7200-lb axles. NEW!! Replaceable bolt-on spindles.
  • ST225/75R15E ST radials and hi-strength steel wheels.
  • Spare tire and high-strength mount included.
  • Custom made heavy-duty spare tire cover.
  • Trailer wiring extension cord using standard 7-blade RV plug-in.
  • Completely fabricated in the USA, using American steel and products.
  • Powder-coated in silver-black marble color. **Custom colors available, +10 days**
  • High-strength fasteners, zinc coated to resist corrosion used throughout.
  • Stabilizer Bar Kit comes with every 5000SD
  • Tote-Handle comes with every 5000SD, makes it much easier to move.
  • Dual Monroe stabilizer shocks.
  • Optional "Extreme Stabilizers" by Skyjacker now available. $129.00 when ordering new Toad.
  • Shipping weight with pallet is 800 lbs. For this reason we do not recommend residential/liftgate delivery.


In stock and ready for immediate shipment!!!


The 5000SD shown in front of 26' stacker
The 5000SD can handle the big stacker trailers.


The 5000SD has been designed for trailers with tongue weights of 1000-lbs to 3000-lbs.  

If you do a lot of travelling the 5000SD might be the "right choice" for you as it has larger wheel bearings and a much "tougher" axle.

Call us and we will be glad to discuss it with you.

Experience has shown us- When you purchase the weight distribution hitch, which is required to use the Trailer Toad; get the strongest WD Hitch you can find. Durability and Reliability cost more initially but over time it is a bargain!



The 5000SD requires the use of a top quality weight-distribution hitch

to function correctly, it cannot be used without one.

We recommend either the Equal-i-Zer 1400/14,000 or their new 1600/16,000 (for tongue weights up to max rating).

Made in the USA with USA-forged parts and U.S. Steel components.

No Chinese-junk!

You MUST use a quality weight distribution hitch.
The 1400 Equal-i-zer hitch is up to the task

Center spindle on the 5000SD is rated at 6000 lbs
The center plate has been strengthened with addition of 5/8

We have a large selection of drawbars.
Some coaches require an extended drawbar

The 5000SD center spindle is STRONGER!
This photos gives a visual comparison of size difference between 3500HD and 5000SD center spindles.

This trailer has 3500 lbs tongue weight
26,000 lb gross trailer weight. No weight on coach.


Custom colors are available by special order, allow additional three weeks for custom colors.

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