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Trailer Toad 3500HD
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4th Annual Pre-Season Sale
Save $300.00
off regular price. 
February 16th- March 15th, 2017 
Regular Price: $3195.00
Less Sale Price -$300.00
$2895.00 until March 15th!! 

The 3500HD attached to a coach
This Toad has optional alloy wheels.

Trailer Toad 3500HD 

Simply the best Motor home trailer hitch on the planet.

The only way to tow heavy trailers with your motor home or truck camper with zero tongue weight on your tow vehicle.

Protect your moto home from damages caused by rough roads and too much tongue weight. 

Better Handling in all conditions, reduced sway on windy days.

Better stopping and much smoother ride when towing.

Have you ever noticed the motor homes that tow trailers have bulges in the sidewalls,

the rear cap seam is cracked or has been resealed several times?

This is from body and frame flex!

Motor homes are not designed to carry the tongue weight of enclosed trailers, period!

The TRAILER TOAD is the ONLY Motor home trailer hitch that can protect your coach by carrying all of the trailer tongue weight.

**A weight-distribution hitch and drawbar are REQUIRED!!!!!

The Trailer Toad does NOT come with a W.D. hitch.

Use your own W.D. Hitch or we can sell you one at a discounted price.

We use and recommend Equal-i-Zer, Husky and Curt brand hitch assemblies.

*Super-Strong Drawbars (shanks) available;  starting at $149.95.


* If purchased with a credit card we must add 3% Credit Card Fee.

  This is due to constantly increasing Merchant Fees by Card Processing Companies 

Pictured below is an Equalizer 1400 WD Hitch
These hitches come with HD Drawbars.
You MUST have one of these.
If you don't have one, order with your Toad

Now standard on the 2015 3500HD:
  • 6-lug hubs & powder-coated steel wheels with center caps.
  • Improved strength, 40% stronger center spindle.
  • 60" wide tracking, tires lines up with inner duals.
  • Larger fenders to protect coach and trailer.
  • Easy to back up with Dual-Pin Reverse Locks.
  • American-made; See Company Policy for Warranty information.


You can see how bar attaches to Trailer Toad
High-strength brackets hold stabilizer bars

Front view: Trailer Toad 2017 - 3500 HD.

  • This Trailer Toad is using the Stabilizer Bar Kit.
  • Designed for double-shear strength.
  • If you have a trailer over 10,000 lbs.
  • Or, if you have to back up often,
  • This Stabilizer Kit will "save" your receiver hitch.
  • Regular Price is $149.95. If purchased with a new Trailer Toad the Kit is $99.00!

2014 Hooked up to a tubular receiver hitch
Make sure your hitch is rated to handle your load.

2015 Trailer Toad 3500 HD hooked up to a motor home.
  • You don't have to have a stacker trailer to benefit from a Trailer Toad.
  • This customer wanted to protect an older coach, that is in nice shape.
  • He used his existing weight-distribution hitch.
  • 3500 lb-rated torsion axle is built for severe conditions.
  • 40% larger center "steering spindle".

Every Trailer Toad 3500 HD comes with the following:
  • Factory Warranty. See Warranty on Company Policy Page for details.
  • ST225/75R15E rated tires on powder-coated steel wheels
  • Spare tire on powder-coated steel wheel with tire cover.
  • Pre-wired extension cord.
  • Stabilizer Bar Kit included.
  • Chip-resistant powder-coating on frame and components.
  • "Dual-Pin Reverse Lock" system.
  • HD poly fenders, all attaching hardware.
  • Kickstand can be used for storage.
  •  Use your weight-distribution hitch and drawbar; or purchase one from us.

Trailer Toad LLC * PO Box 448 * Janesville * IA* 50647
 Phone: (319) 404-7001 email:

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